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Perfecting the art of grout restoration since 1994

.Are you tired of dirty, discolored and stained grout lines ruining the look of your tile?  Grout Works LLC has perfected the art of tile grout restoration with 16 years experience.  Grout Works engineers utilized cutting edge technology to develop a highly advanced pure acrylic grout sealer which is tinted to match the costumers exact specifications of color.  Grout Works proprietary process and products are so advanced that Grout Works professionals can execute jobs in half the time of the competition with unrivaled results.  The Grout Works custom color matching system allows the consumer an unlimited choice of colors for the ultimate customized tile.  The permanent grout color sealer can be matched to the original color of grout in order to restore the original beauty of the tile or the grout color can be completely changed to match the tile and décor of your home.  Not only can Grout Works turn dirty, black, dingy grout lines to beautiful ,white, clean grout lines, once the color seal is applied nothing can penetrate and stain the grout again!

There are several advantages to having your grout color sealed.  Grout is an extremely porous substance made up of sand and cement.  Each time a floor is cleaned, the dirty mop water soaks into the grout lines like a sponge.  Any spills, dirt, accidents, foot oils, etc, are absorbed deep into the grout lines producing odor causing bacteria and discoloration. 

Clear Sealing grout lines can provide temporary protection but needs to be reapplied every 1 to 3 years.  As the clear sealant begins to break down, it will turn yellow and become soft and sticky.   At this point the tile will have to be completely stripped and resealed.  Stripping grout sealer can be a long tedious event requiring strong chemicals and heavy elbow grease.   Clear sealing can also be ineffective if the grout is already stained and discolored.   Most stains and discoloration are deep in the grout lines making it physically impossible to remove the stain without removing the grout entirely.

Steam cleaning alone can only remove a small fraction of the stains and bacteria and can cause significant damage to both the tile and grout.

The Ceramic Tile & Stone Association of Arizona reports: Steam is an improper grout cleaning technique (method) because:  
  • steam cleaning can be far too aggressive for grout that is under 1 year old, 
  • steam may cause significant damage to the grout, 
  • some grout manufacturers void their warranty if it has been steam cleaned. 
Steam cleaning chemicals are improper grout cleaning products because: 
  • the chemicals used are too strong for newly installed grout
  • these chemicals can extract pigments, which often modify color 
  • some grout manufacturers void their warranty if any steam cleaning chemicals have been used

Grout Works proprietary color sealing process provides the consumer beautiful, stain free tile and grout lines.  The Grout Works patented color sealer is the most durable color sealer on the market and it never needs reapplied.  Grout Works has mastered the art of grout restoration and provides every customer with perfect stain free grout lines permanently.

The benefits of Grout Works color sealing process are; 
  • sanitary grout lines free of germs and bacteria, 
  • customized color matching and design, 
  • permanently protected grout lines, 
  • easy no mess process that allows the tile to be walked on immediately.

Grout Works grout cleaning and color sealing process has revolutionized the tile grout cleaning industry.  Home and business owners alike no longer have to face the dilemma of dirty, discolored grout lines.  Grout Works offers a permanent solution to a perfect floor for a fraction of the cost of replacing.  Do not waste another day scrubbing dingy, stained grout lines, call a Grout Works division today and have perfect stain free grout lines tomorrow.

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